Solid Financial Services would like to draw your attention to the following:

In the last few months, we have been receiving emails and calls from certain unknown individuals under Italian names claiming that they are our clients and that our Company owes them money. Despite our repeated requests, these persons have not provided any agreement for services or other credible proof that they are indeed our clients. These persons, -if they do exist under the given names-, are not, and have never been clients of our Company; our Company never signed any agreements for the provision of services to them, we have never provided any services to them, and have never held any money or financial instruments belonging to these persons. We deny that any of these persons has any valid legal claim against our Company. We emphasize that our Company, for the opening of a client account, follows strict account opening and client –due diligence procedures, including the signing of an agreement for services with the purporting client.

It also appears that these persons, either themselves or through their representatives, claimed in correspondence to the authorities, including CySEC, that our Company is linked with a company or entity under the name solidfxplus or solidfinancialservice or similar. Also it appears that, at least at some stage, a website contained a reference to Solid Financial Service (Cy) which was mistakenly assumed to refer to our Company. We categorically state that we have no relation to any company under the name Solid FX Plus and have never traded or provided any services under this name. Further, we confirm that the websites and are not representative of, or authorized by our Company in any way. Any references in the above websites to our Company are without our knowledge and consent.

It appears that that certain persons, making use of publicly available information and/or other sources, constructed an elaborate fraud with the object of extorting money from our Company and/or injure the reputation and good-will of our Company, its officers and shareholders. It may also be the case that fraudsters created a scheme portraying themselves that they were acting on behalf of our Company and obtained money from unsuspecting persons/investors in a short period of time and then disappeared (boiler room scam), and the victims of this fraud turn now to our Company under the false pretenses made to them.

Our Company is fully cooperating with our competent authority, CySEC, in relation to this matter, and is examining its options in taking further measures necessary for protecting its reputation and good will.