Authorizations, Warnings and Disclosures

The necessity of "playing field" within Union and operating in the Republic ensure that Solid Financial Services Ltd is granted with authorization License CIF 065/06 CySec with regulatory authority CySec to provision the investment and ancillary services, and performance of investment activities on a professional basis, licensed services outlined:

  • Receipt and transmission of orders related to financial instruments
  • Execution of client orders on behalf of the clients
  • Ancillary investment materials – market watch

All authorizations granted to CIF, employees and tied agents are registered, maintained and updated in a register freely accessible to the public.

Regulatory and legal contracts require establishing a well-defined policies and procedures to comply with legal obligations and ensue continuity. Merits of the requirements on a continual basis is the essence of going concern, carefully assessing of ascertained material effects and uncertainties over the previous periods, the process of disclosure enticing effectiveness and prudency in practicing strong market accounting discipline and announcements:

Governance and authorization



under the provisioning of the ordinary legislative Directive DI 144-2007-05 of the Cyprus Commission for Securities and Exchange 2012 CySec

Arbitrary and consistent foundation ruling upon subjects to award and appealing, decisively with power of authority in legal terms SOLID