Equities, Stocks

investment concisively

Equities, Stocks

ultimately acting to increasing future return or expectation of future rewards at immediate cost or present capital allocation, tempering with hedging and speculative intentions, plunging ideas into the irreversible uncertainty with equilibrium safe re-entry.

Participative in risks and independence in monetary rewarding, explanatory why it works, haunted with reversals trades in manifestation of perfect trading syndrome.

Yield of fixed-income ingredients of the world economy and level of the equity market striving for being “your first loss is your least loss” in a sequencing of productive economic activities. Breeding of mind with statistical arbitrage technique, Poisson observer irregularities in price and volume inter-trade durations, performancing bid-ask spread wide gearing towards limit order until hit by liquidity taker.

Stable equity curve and Eliott’s wave principles, stipulating Fibonacci ellipses, participative small price swings with advantageous HFT[1] and strong on executing trading signals, internaliser discipline and award winning reliable trading execution venues sealing strong devotion to manifold in space -time and turmoil of market forces.

In advent to inexpensive powerful and elegant computing landmark placing exposition to spectral frequency domain, systematic variations in quasi-periodicity and slowdowns on ANOVA[2] proportions with fluctuation in random fashion.

FIdessa intermarket awareness “scaling to support single user execution through to fully-integrated global order management. We are always striving for excellence in the provision of trading and risk management capabilities that enable our customers to succeed in today's complex and cost-conscious trading environment.”